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BILLA retail network in Slovakia

Design and installation of heavy-current electrical installations and light fixtures along with their subsequent technical operation and facility management.


Through the introduction of so-called compounded deployment, we saved BILLA service costs amounting to approximately 4,740 km/month (56,880 km/year), as our employees also perform operational inspections of boiler rooms when an incident is reported and resolved.



BILLA retail network in Slovakia

BK group has cooperated with BILLA since 1999—the year that construction began for its stores across Slovakia—with BK group carrying out design and construction services in the field of electrical installations and high voltage construction. In the framework of the collaboration between our company and BILLA, we have implemented and renovated more than 100 stores, representing approximately 90% of all BILLA stores in Slovakia. Following construction, BK group started to perform the technical management and maintenance of facilities and currently manages 134 facilities, as well as the central and regional BILLA warehouses, with surfaces ranging from 500 m² to 18,200 m². Our services are specific in that we first prepare a proposal for the Client, followed by a comprehensive electrical installation. Lastly we assume the technical administration of the building following implementation. In addition to the Slovak market, we have collaborated with BILLA in Russia, where we provided design services and assumed the technical administration of 18 Moscow branches.



Scope of cooperation

As far as the construction and renovation of BILLA supermarkets is concerned, BK group is the preferred provider of design and construction services in the fields of heavy-current electrical installations, high-voltage power lines, the installation of artificial and on-site lighting, and standby generators. Moreover, BK group ensures the inspection of dedicated electrical, gas, and pressure equipment, as well as the inspection of fire extinguishers, fire suppression systems, fire distribution networks, and boiler room operation. In addition to highly-specialised services, we also handle smaller requests such as repairs of lighting fixtures, electrical installations, sanitary fittings, small metalwork, and structural repairs. BILLA is a client whom we provide services from our entire portfolio, including a special facility management software system, enabling the Client to monitor the course of the resolving individual requests—from notification to resolution. Another very important service is our 24-hour on-call support, which is linked to the above software.


Thanks to the installation and express supply and connection of a standby generator during planned or unplanned power outages, no BILLA store has to interrupt its operation, thus avoiding the risk of damage to goods and the loss of service.



The installation of power saving systems resulted in savings amounting to 28% with regard to lighting fixtures.

In 2014, we supplied more than 33 MWh of backup electricity using a diesel generator.


Project challenges




It is important to BILLA to maintain the uninterrupted operation of its stores even in the event of power outages or technical emergencies. Therefore, BK group has established a 24-hour on-call service for the Client, with the option to notify the occurrence of an incident via telephone or the online help desk.




As BILLA stores are located all across Slovakia, the Client appreciates the fact that BK group possesses a wide network of facility management service centres and can guarantee our arrival at the place of incident up to a maximum distance of 100 km and a time of deployment of under 2 hours.




BILLA needs to minimise costs in order to maintain its competitiveness. For this reason, the BK Group implemented transport cost savings by combining low priority repairs, i.e. several small, non-urgent incidents are combined into one service request.


BK group installed electrical installations and heavy-current power lines in over 100 BILLA stores.


We manage 134 BILLA stores and its central and regional warehouses.

We provided design services and technical administration for 18 BILLA branches in Moscow.



The introduction of an information system for facility management enables us to monitor real maintenance costs, follow up on the status of incident resolution in real time, and upload documents and pictures for individual requests.


Vladimír Poláčik

Project Manager for BILLA


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