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Construction of the Bratislava Airport terminal

Supply and installation of electromechanical systems, including detailed design.

We installed 2,334 sprinkler heads, thus protecting a surface of approximately 28,000 m², representing more than half of the overall floor space of the Bratislava Airport terminal.
Construction of the Bratislava Airport terminal

As the capacity of the former Bratislava Airport terminal was insufficient, and the terminal itself did not comply with the needs and development of trends in air traffic, the Ministry of Transport, Construction and Regional Development of the Slovak Republic decided to create a new terminal. The construction expanded the transport capacity from approximately 1 million to 4.2 million passengers a year.

The terminal was constructed between 2009 and 2012, with BK group ensuring the supply and installation of electromechanical systems, including their detailed design. In particular, BK group carried out the following activities: relocation of communication cables, relocation of optical cables, relocation of low-voltage and high-voltage cables, construction of on-site lighting, and relocation of the underground collector.

Scope of cooperation

Our company supplied and installed the cooling equipment, ventilation, heavy-current power lines, fire suppression system, smoke and heat exhaust system, orientation system, electric car charging station, and transformer station. We installed 5.85 MW of electrical installations, standby electricity systems with an overall standby capacity of 960 kVA, and approximately 1.9 km of optical networks for communications among the individual pieces of equipment at the terminal. Furthermore, our team of experts installed approximately 5,400 m of insulated cold water pipes and 4 chillers with 950 kW each, with a total capacity of 3.8 MW. We were also in charge of waste management in addition to the above services. As far as the engineering facilities are concerned, we installed low-voltage and high-voltage cable lines, public lighting lines, and cable ducts.

Despite the short period of implementation – merely seven months in length – we complied with both commissioning deadlines for the 1st and the 2nd construction stages of the Bratislava Airport terminal. We thus helped to raise building standards as well as check-in capacity, and last but not least the overall safety of the airport.


Approximately 15% of the most-essential safety equipment that is necessary for terminal operation can function in the event of a power failure thanks to a standby generator.


We installed more than 400 LEDs, accounting for approximately 28% of electricity savings for the main lighting of the Terminal when compared to the halogen spotlights previously used.

Project challenges

Period of implementation

In 14 months, BK group completed the entire MEP installation over a surface of 41,000 m², complying with the strictest quality criteria required in the field of air traffic.

Human factor

For the purposes of the supply and installation of the electromechanical systems, BK group had to assemble a team of experts of the highest quality and sufficient size, in order to guarantee of the quality of the services provided during both construction stages.


The construction of the Bratislava Airport terminal, as well as any project implemented by our company, is important to us, making good organisation and collaboration among the individual departments of BK group a top priority, as it is the keystone of providing smooth service and customer satisfaction.

Thanks to 36 ventilation and air conditioning units installed, the air exchange rate at the terminal now reaches 624,000 m³ per hour.

The floor space of the terminal is approximately 41,000 m², more than half of which is protected by a fire sprinkler system.

We installed 5.85 MW of electrical installations and standby systems with an overall standby capacity of 960 kVA.


LED lighting is undeniably considered these days as the most trendy and modern component of lighting technology. Over the last couple of years, this technology underwent a huge amount of progress with regard to all of its key indicators and attributes, be it light colour, lighting intensity, energy savings, lifespan, dimensions, and last but not least, its design.


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