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EUROVEA multi-purpose centre in Bratislava

Heavy-current electrical installations throughout a series of buildings.

We installed 838,000 m of heavy-current power lines throughout the entire EUROVEA complex, along with a high voltage power supply, main and secondary supply lines, socket and light installations, and power lines for architectural and decorative lighting in the interior and the exterior of the complex.


In collaboration with Strabag, BK group contributed to the creation of the EUROVEA complex, one of the most significant landmarks of Slovakia’s capital. This series of buildings, with a total surface of 230,000 m², is located on the bank of the Danube River and creates a multi-purpose area for the city of Bratislava. The complex consists of several parts, namely: a shopping centre, comprised of shopping units, cafés, and restaurants; entertainment and leisure areas; office premises of the highest quality; a luxurious residential area; the 5* Sheraton Hotel with 209 rooms; and an underground car park. An integral part of the complex is the riverside park with a promenade and a square.

Scope of cooperation

From 2008 – 2010, BK group ensured the supply and installation of heavy-current electrical installations throughout the entire EUROVEA complex, comprising a surface are larger than 16 football stadiums. Our task was to supply and install high-voltage power lines, on-site and emergency lighting, a set of 10 transformer stations with an overall performance of 15.1 MVA, and an electrical standby system (2 diesel generators with a performance of 1.4 MVA each), including fuel management for 24 hours of backup electricity. In addition, BK group’s team of specialists installed 17 main electrical rooms and over 570 further secondary distributors throughout the entire complex.

Thanks to the cooperation between the purchasing and implementation departments, we were able to complete and hand over a project the size of 16 football stadiums.

The overall performance of the installed structure is 15.1 MVA, as ensured by ten high-voltage transformers.

To ensure continuous power supply to the structure, we used two standby diesel generators with a performance of 1.4 MVA each.

Project challenges


Our services are provided in compliance with the quality management system pursuant to ISO 9001, one of the basic components of international standards intended to ensure the quality of products and services.

Unique size

The size of the project required a professional and sufficiently-large team of experts on the part of BK group, which managed a team of over 100 assembly workers on a daily basis throughout the course of construction.


We implemented a comprehensive range of independent functional units within a single project: hotel, residential premises, office premises, stores, car parks, façade lighting, and a square with a promenade.

In addition to 17 main electrical rooms, we installed over 570 further secondary distributors for the Client.

We used 838,000 m of cables for heavy-current power lines within this structure.

Supply and installation of 36,901 light fixtures in the interior and exterior of the complex.


Thanks to smart lighting control, we are able to adapt the use of light on the premises to individual needs. From a cosy restaurant to a dance floor, a conference room to a concert hall.


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