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Real estate and technical equipment for Slovak Telekom

Comprehensive technical administration of facilities, equipment, and property.

Every two years, we inventory 54,600 items of the Client’s property. Furthermore, we inspect approximately 13,000 electrical appliances with a flexible supply twice a year.
Real estate and technical equipment for Slovak Telekom

The launch of the collaboration with Slovak Telekom dates back to 2003, as we provided the company with the technical operation and maintenance of its real estate across Central Slovakia. Later on, the collaboration was interrupted for a period but was renewed as of September 2011, with services being provided across the entire territory of the Slovak Republic. Furthermore, the portfolio of the services provided now includes the comprehensive technical administration of facilities and an entire series of support activities, which help to optimise our Client’s operational costs and relieve the Client of activities not directly linked to the main scope of its business. Currently, BK group manages approximately 2,700 items of real estate on behalf of the Client, ranging from small facilities to large office buildings.

Scope of cooperation

Slovak Telekom is a typical customer in the sense that we provide them with a wide range of services in the field of facility management, and that they have completely outsourced its support activities to us. In addition to the preventive and operative maintenance of facilities and equipment, small and medium-scale repairs, property inspections, the testing of dedicated equipment, and a 24-hour on-call service, we also make support processes more efficient, which – through suitable adjustment – reduces the Client’s costs. These services include facility management, cleaning including summer and winter maintenance, energy management, asset management, support in real estate sales, and technical documentation management. Our Client has access to special facility management software and can monitor the course of the resolution of individual incidents online from their observance to their removal. In addition, this software presents another benefit for BK group team, namely a transparent account of its facilities, technical equipment, asset, energy consumption, and the Client’s technical documentation.

Through the linking of specialised services, namely energy management, facility management, repairs, and the modernisation of technical equipment, we help the Client to minimise the cost of its building operations each year.


Through planning and the organisation of facility management, we save the Client 15% of cleaning costs.


We substituted 41 outdated air conditioning units using environmentally unfriendly cooling agents with modern, eco-friendly units. This way, we now save 30% via the operation of the new equipment.

Project challenges


Slovak Telekom is provided with 24-hour on-call service 7 days a week to ensure the operation of its equipment and to maintain the comfort of its employees’ work environment. BK group guarantees the deployment of its personnel within 30 minutes to correct a deficiency.


The synergy between the knowledge and mutual collaboration of our specialists from various fields enables us to deal with the Client’s requests in a smooth and problem-free manner, as well as the ability to assume full responsibility for the process of handling them.


We have a team of specialists in each region of Slovakia, which makes it possible to respond to the Client’s specific requests in a fast and flexible manner and allows for the prompt and efficient accomplishment of tasks.

We clean 175,180 m² of interior surfaces with services of highest quality. In addition, we provide winter and summer maintenance for the exteriors of more than 350 facilities across Slovakia.

We take care of the 3,500 clients/employees of Slovak Telekom/. We treat each of them with an individual approach and provide them with comfort at the workplace – from fixing a broken office chair wheel or a faulty coffee machine to regulating the temperature of the office.

We completely relocated 1,200 workstations in 8 days. We are able to relocate a workstation without disrupting the comfort of the work environment for the Client’s employees.


The modernisation of heating management systems is medicine for the inefficient operation of buildings through minimising heating costs. The automatic management systems for the operation of heating sources effectively reduce the high consumption of input energy and other costs associated with their operation.  

Marek Šíma

Project Manager for Slovak Telekom


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