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Slovnaft petrol stations

Maintenance, service, and supply of electrical equipment, machinery, and structural equipment.

Since 2011, we have inspected over 8,000 items of dedicated equipment for use by Slovnaft at all of its petrol stations across Slovakia. We update a detailed technical database on a yearly basis and perform an inspection of over 2,500 items of equipment, giving the Client a continuous approach to the current state of its assets and their technical condition.

Slovnaft petrol stations

Slovnaft correctly assessed the efficiency of outsourcing support activities at Slovnaft petrol stations. Taking into consideration the arguments supporting the benefits of a single supplier for all four regions, the Client decided to choose an integrated supplier—BK group—in 2011.
Currently, we provide the Client with the maintenance, service, and supply of electrical equipment, machinery, and structural equipment at over 200 petrol stations across Slovakia. Our services include, inter alia, repairs of interior and exterior lighting, compressors, and pressure meters, preventive and operative maintenance of equipment, small and medium-scale structural repairs, and service of sanitary fittings.

Scope of cooperation

BK group also provides the Client with professional inspections and tests of electrical, gas, and pressure equipment, and last but not least, a 24-hour on-call service. Thanks to our pro-client thinking, we can supply a wide range of new equipment and other consumer products in addition to our technical services. We were thus able to supply consumer electronics, refuse containers, kitchen equipment, boilers, automatic doors, and lighting sources for Slovnaft petrol stations.

Thanks to thorough diagnostics of equipment malfunctions, we are able to determine the efficiency of subsequent repairs or recommend that the Client substitute and upgrade their equipment, which helps the Client to cut operating costs over the long term.


The installation of power saving systems resulted in savings amounting to 28% with regard to lighting fixtures.

Over the last year we supplied more than 33 MWh of backup electricity using a diesel generator.

Project challenges


Our technicians have at their disposal mobile storage units with the most commonly-used spare parts, which make it possible to resolve any notified incidents in a timely manner and prevent the Client from incurring additional transport costs.


Each year we inspect over 300 Airfix units at Slovnaft petrol stations, so that the Client’s customers can safely inflate their tyres and arrive at their desired destination.

Cost control

Deficiencies that do not impair the operation of petrol stations, such as the supply of lighting sources, are dealt with through the cumulative deployment of personnel in conjunction with other notified incidents, thus cutting the Client’s transport costs.

We can remove more than 2,270 notified defects at petrol stations in a year, so that no facility has to interrupt its operations.

We are at the Client’s disposal 24/7 thanks to our on-call service.

We manage all 214 Slovnaft petrol stations across Slovakia.


It is important that Client avoids any restrictions with regard to petrol stations, i.e. the equipment must be in flawless technical condition and must function in an unimpeded manner. Therefore, we scrutinise and update the technical database of equipment on a yearly basis, which gives the Client an overview of its assets and the technical condition thereof.

Štefan Gavron

Project Manager for Slovnaft


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